Dots 1.0

The dots game I used to call boxes


  • Simple boxes game
  • Great strategy


  • You know games are lost or won halfway through

Very good

Dots takes me back to my Sixth Form years but back then we called it boxes so you might know it as that. The truth is I never got on that well with the people who played boxes in my college so I used to peer over their shoulder pretending I was too cool to play with my Spin Doctors t-shirt on and burning inside with teenage angst and jealousy.

They were difficult days. So I'm glad to see boxes, or Dots as it is called here, available for mobiles. Because the game is so simple it doesn't even need paper and pen.

Each game begins with a screen of evenly divided black dots. You take it in turns against the computer to draw one line between two dots.

The aim is to make boxes, which are then filled with a O if you are the player who seals the last edge to the square. However the tactic in this strategy game is to make sure your opponent (the computer) puts the third edge on each box so you can finish it and claim the point.

Then you get another go, and one box often leads to two or three or four. You'll get the hang of it. The problem is the computer is very good and halfway through each game you can work out that you've lost again.

Dots: a free game for your Pocket PC! Even the hardest-working person needs a break once in a while. The next time you're stuck in a waiting room, or an airport, or in your boss's office waiting for him to get off the phone, try a quick game of Dots!

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